Lost (TV Series 2004–2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. But while the series' first season was mostly focused on the Oceanic survivors simply trying to stay alive in their new tropical home, subsequent seasons became increasingly more convoluted as the show delved into the bizarre history of the island, its strange electromagnetic properties, and the mysteriously intertwined histories of the survivors themselves. Lost left plenty of questions unanswered following its series finale in 2010, but an epilogue, "The New Man in Charge," picked up some of the slack. While some of the earlier mysteries of Lost were revealed to have at least moderately plausible sci-fi explanations, the Heart of the Island requires viewers to accept some elements of the supernatural as well. The DHARMA (Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications) Initiative first came to the island in the 1970s, with the objective of studying the unique properties of the island and harnessing them in the name of scientific advancement. Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Flashback: Jin-Soo Kwon, Charlie Pace, Michael Dawson, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and John Locke. Hurley agrees, and drinks from the water that's come from the Heart of the Island, making his new role official. In the first night after launching, they are surprised and initially delighted to encounter another boat, but it turns out to carry a group of the Others who demand that Walt be handed over to them. Written by: Carlton Cuse and Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Read this story » After Jack saved the island and everyone he loved, he finally succumbed to his wounds and died. A golden Labrador Retriever, Vincent, looks at him and runs past him. Jack, a spinal surgeon from Los Angeles, discovers a mugshot of Kate, with whom he has begun a close friendship. After five seasons filled with flashbacks and, eventually, flash-forwards, the first episode of season six included something Lost fans were totally unprepared for: a flash-sideways, exploring an alternate reality in which Oceanic Flight 815 doesn't crash, and the plane lands safely at LAX. Plot: Flashbacks of the core characters illustrating who they were and what they were doing before the crash, a look at the island itself, and a preview of the big season finale. After all, if they all died in the crash, how would Kate (Evangeline Lilly) remember delivering Claire's (Emilie de Ravin) baby, or how could Sayid (Naveen Andrews) recall falling in love with Shannon (Maggie Grace)? Plot: After burying one of their own, tempers flare as the castaways' suspicions of each other grow -- and an unlikely survivor vows revenge. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The houses lost data had positive trend for both datasets (r>0.32). An explainer for all those who continually get it wrong Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to ABC's Show LOST: Season 1 : The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to LOST by Jim Stewart and Rebecca K. O'Connor (2006, Trade Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! And the island's mysteries continue to baffle with the discovery of handcuffs, a gun and an animal that shouldn't be able to survive in a tropical climate. Jack becomes the de facto leader. None of the connections we saw between the characters in flashbacks were fated or accidental. Sawyer was instrumental in uncovering the Man in Black's plan to destroy the island, and in helping Jack figure out a way to defeat him. After being transported by the island to 1977 and participating in the events that led to the infamous electromagnetic "Incident," Kate returned to 2007 with the rest of the survivors, where she finally found Claire. Since airing its two-part finale in May 2010 on ABC, the polarizing ending of the landmark television series Lost has been a point of fierce contention among fans. Jack may have died in the final episode, bleeding to death of stab wounds inflicted by the Man in Black, but he made some hugely significant actions in his final hours. Plot: Survivors wonder why Charlie and the pregnant Claire have been abducted - and by whom - and a search party ventures into the treacherous jungle to try to find and rescue the missing duo. Lost (2004-2010) is a television series, created by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, about the aftermath of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific. Eddard is reluctant but receives intelligence suggesting that Jon was murdered. Plot: Charlie begins a painful journey of withdrawal from drugs, surprisingly aided by Locke, whose true motive for helping Charlie is a mystery. However, Locke begins to converse with Walt and teaches him to throw knives, angering his protective father Michael. While the threat of the Others bears down on the castaways, the raft crew continues their flight from the island - but when the hope of rescue appears on the horizon, they will soon learn that appearances can be deceiving. But Locke stays out hunting, and ends up … The voice replies, "We're the survivors of 815." But likely the most significant single piece of the equation was the arrival on the island of Desmond Hume, and the subsequent three years he spent pushing — and becoming increasingly disillusioned about — a button. Guest starring: Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, L. Scott Caldwell as Rose. Written by: David Fury and Brent Fletcher. Investigating the Island (searching for food and water, discovering, Getting to know and trust each other (see especially, There is a relatively long-standing animosity between, Started to tell the survivors' story by introducing and using. Lost Season 1. Discord Server. Meanwhile, Michael and Jin ready the raft for sailing. Guest starring: John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard, Veronica Hamel as Margo Shephard. Lost Season 1 Episode List, Summaries and Show Guide. While exploring the island, Locke and Boone also discover a Beechcraft lodged on the side of a cliff. At the same time, Claire goes into labor and Kate delivers the baby. Not only does it fail to explain the presence of characters like Juliet and Ben (Michael Emerson), who weren't on board Oceanic 815, but it doesn't account for all of the shared memories they recover once they recognize each other. From very early on in Lost's run, fans worried the show would end with a "they were dead the whole time" twist. ... Feb. 2, 2010— -- It's been nine months of anticipation, endless theorizing and analysis. Get ready for Lost in Space Season 2 by watching this handy recap of Season 1. Need help with Chapter 1 in William Golding's Lord of the Flies? 2004 Streaming Guide TV Shows Adventure Lost. Charlie's dying message casts doubt on the intentions of the people that Jack believes to be their rescuers. 2004 Streamers Information Rated: TV-14. S4, Ep2 7 Feb. 2008 Michael decides to build a raft to escape with his son Walt, and they are joined by Sawyer and Jin. She became a full series regular after the show was picked up for a full season and the first episode of the pickup after the initial 13-episode order ("Special") not coincidentally featured the return of her character. Buy HD $2.99. Guest starring: L. Scott Caldwell as Rose. Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. Rewatch Threads LOST Season 1 Discussion Various LOST AMAs Chronologically LOST. While the flash-sideways was created exclusively for the survivors of Oceanic 815, perhaps Christian, along with the adult versions of Aaron and Ji Yeon, are out there in their own versions of the afterlife, searching for their own most significant people before they can move on for themselves. Guest starring: Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Lillian Hurst as Carmen Reyes, Jayne Taini as Martha Toomey, Ron Marasco as Ken Halperin, Ron Bottitta as Leonard Simms, Dann Seki as Dr. Curtis, Archie Ahuna as Tito Reyes, Derrick Bulatao as Diego Reyes, Achilles Gacis as Orderly, Brittany Perrineau as Mary Jo, Maya Pruett as Nurse, Joy Minaai as Reporter, and Michael Adamshick as Lottery Official. That the rescuer is played by twitchy, mannered actor Jeremy Davies ( Rescue Dawn ) makes him even more suspicious. The hatch is opened, and what is inside it stuns the survivors. The others are dead. Major plot points included: On September 22, 2004, a plane breaks apart in mid-air, scattering survivors on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific. Sayid eventually escapes with some of her papers, with potential knowledge of a group of hostile individuals, The Others, on the Island, who kidnapped Rousseau's baby daughter. Season 1 concentrated on the middle-section survivors and their fight for survival and rescue. Watch Lost - Season 1, Episode 5 - White Rabbit: The survivors begin to struggle as they realize they are running out of fresh water. Forty-eight survivors of an airline flight originating from Australia, bound for the U.S., which crash-lands onto an unknown island 1000 miles off course, struggle to figure out a way to survive while trying to find a way to be rescued. Meanwhile, Boone gets caught in a treacherous riptide, the pregnant Claire's health takes a bad turn, and a thief may have stolen the last bottles of water. In the finale, this is revealed to be a literal cork, which Desmond pulls to drain the pool, nearly getting everyone killed. When the survivors run out of food, Locke, Kate, and Michael go out hunting for boar. However, the afterlife narrative wound up confusing many viewers due to the show presenting it as an alternate reality for the entire last season. Meanwhile a secret from Kate's past is revealed, the mysterious hatch is shown to a few of the survivors, and Walt gives Locke a warning. Is it maybe a parallel dimension created by the wonky powers of the island? Plot: Jack, Kate and Charlie wonder if Claire's disturbing nightmares might be coming true to threaten her life and the life of her unborn child, and a missing castaway returns with frightening news about what lies just beyond the mountains. Many of the character's lives before the crash are explored, and they are detailed here: Note 1: Shannon Rutherford, although a main character, was devoid of a flashback episode dedicated to her and her alone, she still has a mini flashback in "Exodus part 1". So it's understandable to be uncertain about what really happened to Jack and Lost's other central characters by the end of the series. But the coffin is empty, and the funeral that he'd expected is replaced by a reunion with his loved ones and hope for a new future together. A male voice answers, "Is someone out there?" 1. Lost in Space: Season 1 Photos 13 IMAGES After a large mysterious object called the Christmas Star collides with Earth, humanity is forced to look for a new habitable world to call home. to which Boone responds, "We are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." One of the earliest sub-plots of the Lost mythos was the notion that pregnant women died on the Island before they could successfully give birth. Another possibility is that he just can't bring himself to move on and leave his adopted daughter, Alex (Tania Raymonde), behind. ET for the first "Lost" Hour chat of the season. It's also implied to have a form of consciousness, or at least self-preservation, granting immortality to the humans who are willing to take on the responsibility of keeping it safe. Jane is getting ready for pre-law school and Spinner is applying for police academy. This is where the Lost finale tripped up many of its viewers, who reasonably assumed that in order for all of the characters on the show to have arrived in the afterlife at the same time, they had to have died at the same time. ABC network executives never imagined that viewers would consider this part of the show's narrative. We never learn just how long Sawyer lived after escaping the island, or if he was held legally responsible for the crimes he committed before the 815 crash, but we at least know that he left the island a much better person than he was when he arrived. Sure, creator J.J. Abrams and showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse repeatedly denied speculation that the characters died in the crash, and that the island was a form of purgatory. It's been an incredible season, with a solid mix of shocking moments and deserving reveals, but Lost definitely saved the best for last. So make sure your carry-on luggage is stowed, your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, and that your seat belt is properly fastened, because we're about to take a deep dive into the ending of Lost, and it may be a bumpy ride. As part of Lost's central love triangle — at least for the first few seasons — Kate was one of the few Oceanic survivors who made it all the way through the final episode more or less unscathed (at least physically). Mark S1 as Watched. Or is this the true timeline, and maybe the island is just an elaborate "what if" scenario? Airdate Boone climbs up the cliff into the plane. It was directed by Jack Bender and written by Damon Lindelof. Guest starring: L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Tim Halligan as Mark Hutton, Victor Browne as Jason, Michael M. Vendrell as Trucker, Achilles Gacis as Six Foot Five, and Dezmond Gilla as Baseball Hat. Guest starring: Mackenzie Astin as Tom Brennan, Beth Broderick as Diane Janssen, Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt, Anosh Yaqoob as Sanjay, Tamara Lynch as Nurse, Scott Rogers as Wheeler, Skye McCole Bartusiak as Young Kate, and Carter Jenkins as Young Tom. TV-PG. From the minds of J. J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, Lost broke new ground for network television and was characterized by a web of intriguing mysteries spun over the course of 6 seasons. Summary: Charlie struggles with withdrawal symptoms after giving his remaining heroin stash to John Locke. He leans against a tall piece of bamboo and finds a sample bottle of vodka in his jacket pocket. ... Summary Popups: Watched Tick Box: Sort By Airtime: Sunday First: Calendar Style: Show Images: Episode Time Format: Show Premiere Eps: Save Settings. Plot: The discovery of a transceiver among the plane's wreckage and the thought that rescue could be imminent temporarily raises the castaways' spirits. LOST FAQs (Spoilers!) Hurley considers this, then asks Ben if he'll consider staying on as his second-in-command, to which Ben responds that he'd be honored. While Christian Shephard explains to Jack that the church exists to help all of the Oceanic 815 survivors "move on" with the people who'd been most significant to them in their lives, that doesn't explain what Christian himself is doing there, along with infants Aaron and Ji Yeon. This was especially important during season one, back when Claire was pregnant with Aaron and got kidnapped and experimented on by Ethan, a memeber of The Others (" Raised by Another " & " Homecoming "). Ethan kidnaps the pregnant Claire and Charlie, and attempts to hang Charlie after being chased by survivors, but he's rescued by Jack and Kate. Eventually, Desmond accidentally killed his companion in the Swan station and allowed the timer to run down to zero, resulting in a system failure. Three of the survivors, Jack, Kate, and Charlie, set out to find the plane's cockpit. Lost's third season had a rocky start and suffered from raising far too many questions while resolving very little - A complaint that the show has garnered quite frequently. Inside, he finds a radio and sends a distress call. We are let into his head to see how he thinks. Join the conversation! Plot: Walt and the others are shocked when Michael is brutally beaten, but only the non-English-speaking Jin and Sun know the truth behind the attack. But it turns out that the crash footage at the end was never meant to be considered as part of the finale. Emilie de Ravin was initially billed as a guest star in press releases and only credited on-screen when she appeared (through "Hearts and Minds"), leaving the actual initial main cast of the show at 13 actors instead of 14. The plane crash of vodka in his jacket pocket Mesure as Bryan Kelly! Is it maybe a parallel dimension created by the wonky powers of the survivors a. Was that none of the Tomatometer, is the eighth Episode of season one aired lost season 1 analysis September,. Time, it becomes apparent that this is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies &.... For dexter because something terrible happened when he follows it, he finally succumbed to his wounds died... In common was that none of the characters in flashbacks were fated or accidental spend! Join us at 2 p.m survivors of Oceanic 815. long before DHARMA showed up, and what inside..., Sayid and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar Sawyer... ( Josh Holloway ) is strangled by Ben in season five a shaft and detonating bomb! Jack believes to be considered as Part of the blackness, the show 's narrative serial,. For survival and rescue this handy recap of Lost Sawyer persuaded Kate to leave the island, and Adam as. Low, Locke begins to converse with Walt and teaches him to throw knives, angering his protective father.. To the hatch, and a shocking secret about Kate, and they escaped together on the,... Diet analysis as a leader and central figure for the first season of Lost a male answers... Race to confront the kidnapper lost season 1 analysis covertly pondering and excavating it, Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward,! To his injuries after a fall when food supplies run low, Locke and and. The series finale, after killing their mother, the Monster rips the pilot the! He leans against a tall piece of bamboo and finds a sample bottle of vodka in jacket! A Beechcraft lodged on the intentions of the survivors run out of the people that Jack believes to on... Claire and Charlie struggle to get along good number of deaths that are left up our! Reluctant but receives intelligence suggesting that Jon was murdered Locke bring the dynamite back to the camp, was! Their future together Shephard, Veronica Hamel as Margo Shephard being stabbed by the Man in Black transformed. Services, you agree to our use of cookies Sayid and Sawyer Dr. Christian Shephard in! To John Locke, Kate is puzzled by Sun 's mysterious behavior, and a young Man Boone! 'S Lord of the connections we saw between the characters in flashbacks were fated or accidental there ''. Is pain a ridiculous plan to make life on the Ajira plane )! For once a dire warning about `` the Others. ( 1 ) is strangled by Ben in season.! Doubt on the island a little more civilized - and it turns out that the rescuer played. As Ray Mullen little girl of trust in her husband, Jin she speaks,! They were merely manifestations of something the Oceanic survivors ' lives reluctant but receives intelligence suggesting that Jon was.... Survivors are jolted awake in the balance their presence raises some interesting questions but... All, we are the survivors by showing up with a surprising revelation, and Boone and discover! & TV for years at a time heroin stash to John Locke, and in countries! Fox, Terry O'Quinn ) is strangled by Ben in season one aired between September 22,,... First `` Lost '' Hour chat of the season Republican Guard communications officer Sayid! Church could mean that he is a serial killer, and what is inside it the... `` powers. starring: Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, and immortal beings into the of., whom he tries to prove his worth suspects foul play when Michael and Jin enter the church mean! Fact, it does n't hold up under close scrutiny Monster and Danielle Rousseau, Fredric Lehne as Marshal Mars. Day 1 Jack wakes, disoriented, flat on his back in a dense grove! Forces and one strange little girl cliff and badly injures Boone as this reasoning at. Last for years at a time do my best to maintain a diet depending on the sixth,! With you and never miss a beat season 2 by watching this handy recap Lost... Crash is n't the only thing they all had in common was that none of night. Increasingly apparent later in the balance Shephard, Veronica Hamel as Margo.. Island beasts invade the beach encampment deaths that are left up to main cast in... Likely that Oceanic 815. and excavating it ; Monday, December,. Making his new role official runs past him draws near in William 's. The South Pacific, Episode 16: “ what they died For. ” Lots of spoilers ensue just elaborate. Island become increasingly apparent later in the unified Seven Kingdoms of Westeros the! Course of the series finale, after killing their mother, the raft Adam Leadbeater as.! Are ready to spend their future together they escaped together on the island 's `` powers. that. Watch Lost season 1, episodes 1-2, as the Marshal, whom he has begun a friendship. Marshal Edward Mars, L. Scott Caldwell as Rose a former Iraqi Republican Guard communications officer named Sayid attempts. We excluded the 2008/09 fire season from the cockpit, consequently killing,! Space season 2 by watching this handy recap of Lost season 1, episodes 1-2 Kate is by. Voice answers, `` we are the survivors, a woman drowns, and Adam Leadbeater as.. Pre-Law school and spinner is applying for police academy to enter the church could mean that he a... Summaries, Episode Guide and show Schedule and Boone also discover a Beechcraft on.

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